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Pair of Original William Morris Curtains

Antique Persian Yazd Silk Ikat

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Coat

Early Flemish Tapestry Fragment

Flemish Tapestry Fragment

Flemish Tapestry Fragment

Antique Kashmir Shawl (Dochalla)

Japanese Priest’s Robe (Kesa)

Uzbek Silk Ikat Dress

Tekke Turkoman Silk Boçe (Pouch)

Early 19th-century Uzbek Suzani

19th-century Uzbek Silk Ikat Robe

Victorian Crewelwork

Central Asian Tuski’iz (bed hanging)

Early Flemish Tapestry Panel

19th century Uzbek Nim Suzani

Antique Japanese Yuzen-Birodo

Antique 19th century Uzbek Suzani

Japanese Kappa (traveller’s cloak)

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Robe

Antique Indo-Portuguese silk embroidery

French 18th-century Verdure Tapestry Panel

Antique Sindh embroidery

Antique Indo- Persian Kalamkari

Arts and Crafts wall hanging

Antique Sindh Embroidery

Complete 18th century Cretan Skirt border

Uzbek Silk Ikat panel

Japanese Meiji printed textile

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat panel

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat panel

Antique Silk Ikat Coat

Velvet Panel, design by Marion Dorn

Antique Uzbek Silk Suzani

Ottoman uckur (sash) end

Antique Ottoman embroidered towel

Antique Chinese Silk brocade

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Dress

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Chapan

Kerman embroidery

Shakespere’s [sic] Seven Ages [of Man] English print

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Chapan

18th century Portuguese Castello Branco embroidery

Antique Suzani


Delhi Work Shawl

Antique 19th century Tekke Turkoman Chyrpy

Old European Shawl

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Trousers

Japanese Embroidered Picture of a Landscape

Early 19th century Uzbek silk Ikat coat

French 18th-century Tapestry Panel

Antique Flemish Verdure Tapestry Panel, ca. 1700

French Verdure Tapestry

Antique Persian Kashan jacket

Greek Islands Bed Tent Panel

Antique Bokhara Suzani

Antique Greek embroidery fragment

Tashkent Suzani