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18th-century Verdure Tapestry Panel

18th-century Verdure Tapestry Panel


249 x 246 cm


This 18th-century verdure tapestry panel dates to the middle of the century.

It depicts an idyllic scene of two large birds on either side of a stream which is flanked by trees. The birds are not unlike those on other 18th-century French verdure tapestry panels on this website (see for example  ). The centre of the tapestry is taken up by an imposing mansion or castle on top of a hillock. It is woven in very light colours with a fairly high silk content. This forms an effective contrast to the darker blues, greens and browns of the surrounding landscape, thus providing a focal point for the image. A water feature at the bottom of the landscaped garden around the mansion feeds into the stream, which forms a diagonal link between the centre and the bottom left hand corner. This is a carefully planned composition.

The tapestry panel has an excellent, almost square size.

It is worked in wool and silk. There are some repairs in keeping with age, but it is in very good condition overall.