Indian Embroidered Portiere

Indian Embroidered Portiere


118 x 108 cm


This Indian embroidered portiere, or toran, is a vintage textile dating to around the middle of the 20th century.

The spot embroidery features Ganesha in his iconic representation with an elephant head  as the central deity at the top of the arch. Ganesha is usually associated with knowledge and wisdom and is a pre-eminent deity in the Hindu pantheon.

Animal depictions include elephants, a cross between a tiger and a lion – all referring  to values such as royalty, strength and divinity. Furthermore cows, connected to motherliness, wealth and compassion. These animals are considered sacred. Peacocks and parrots are also included, alongside individual flowers, palm trees, posies and flower garlands. The OM character (in Sanskrit writing) as an acoustic representation of the divine which is used in spiritual incantations is found four times in the top panel and twice along the sides.

The embroidery is worked in floss silk, mostly employing a surface darning stitch, on coarse cotton. It is in good condition.