Japanese Yuzen Birodo

Japanese Yuzen Birodo


163 x 115 cm


This Japanese Yuzen Birodo dates to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, so the late Meiji period.

It depicts an idyllic scene of a group of rural buildings and a shrine in the background along a waterway. Numerous trees frame the course of the water, on which there is a boat in the foreground, surrounded by ducks.

The technical skill and perfection required to create such a refined textile is impressive. Like two other Yuzen Birodo from the archive on this website (see https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/pair-of-japanese-yuzen-birodo/ ), the textile is a finely woven, partially cut and painted silk velvet. It is framed by a silk brocade in the same colour scheme.

This format was frequently used in Yuzen Birodo which were made for the western market.

The silk velvet is in very good condition, the brocade on the edges is slightly fragile.