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Antique Rugs & Carpets

Our antique carpets are selected with great care. They have all been cleaned and, if necessary, repaired to a high standard. We do not use chemical treatments and we always avoid pieces which are tinted to disguise wear. The pieces on our website present only a fraction of our stock, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our gallery.

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Tribal Rugs, Bags, Wagirehs & Trappings

An important part of our business is sourcing special items for private collections, especially tribal and village material with a focus on Turkoman, Kurdish and South Persian weavings. However, other areas of interest are also included in our stock. For further information, please contact our gallery.

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Antique Textiles

Our broad range of antique textiles are chosen on the grounds of artistic quality and visual appeal, covering a wide geographical area from Europe through to the Far East. They have all been cleaned and, where necessary, conserved. Mounting is undertaken sympathetically and can be provided for unmounted pieces. We are always happy to source items to meet specific requests. For more information, please contact our gallery.

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Modern Rugs & Carpets

Successful modern interpretations of traditional carpet designs are sourced directly from producers, made to the highest specifications from hand-spun and naturally dyed wool. Similar pieces can be made to order. In-house designs by Christopher Legge form an important part of our Modern section. We also cooperate with RUG STAR, the design company run by Jürgen Dahlmanns, the Berlin based rug artist, with his cutting-edge avant garde carpet designs. His award winning pieces can be made to order and have a worldwide following. For further information, please contact our gallery.

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Jan Kath Rugs & Carpets

Jan Kath Contemporary Rug Art is at the forefront of modern carpet design. His work links age-old carpet tradition with the 21st century and combines excellent craftsmanship and top quality hand processed materials including the best Tibetan Highland wool, silk, nettle & hemp fibres, with the visual impact of his designs. We are one of the first dealerships worldwide to work with Jan Kath, and the only gallery in the UK showing his work.  Our philosophy is very much in line with Jan's: quality and beauty are timeless. All pieces can be ordered to customers' specifications. For further information, or to see our extensive stock of Jan Kath rugs, please contact the gallery.

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