Antique Persian Yazd Silk Ikat

Antique Persian Yazd Silk Ikat


178 x 107 cm


This antique Persian Yazd silk ikat dates to the late 19th century.

Ikat weaving has a long tradition in the central Persian city of Yazd and has its own design language and handle, making the Yazd silk ikats distinctly different from those woven in central Asia, notably Uzbekistan. (See this website for other, central Asian, examples of ikat, e.g.

The panel in hand is a typical example with the central section decorated by a tree design and flanked by a series of vertical stripes with abstract, ‘blurry’ outlines which are typical of ikat weaving.

The backing, too, is typical of the time it was made: it is a very fine cotton printed with an allover display of flowers on a red ground. It is very similar to the material used for the Kashan jacket in the Qajar style which is also on this website (see ). The bias cut binding is indigo-dyed blue cotton.

The colours used in this silk ikat panel are all naturally dyed. The textile is in perfect condition and ready to be displayed as a dramatic piece of textile art.