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Greek Islands Bed Tent Panel

Greek Islands Bed Tent Panel

reference:  6590

Kos, Greece, late 17th/early 18th century. This is an extremely rare textile. The door panel worked with a slit between columns of broad-leaf and deer, the museo above the gable with two large facing birds and three more pairs of birds, and two further horizontal compartments with a menagerie of broad-leaf, spitha patterns and deer, all worked in alternating red and blue silk. The two tapering panels flanking the door panel on either side are decorated by columns of spitha patterns and are guarded by edges of Mamluk stars in alternating red and blue/green silk. For a similar piece, see Taylor, Roderick, Embroidery of the Greek Islands. New York, 1998, p.67 Silk embroidery on linen, slightly damaged on door panel


223 x 100 (170) cm