Indo-Persian Kalamkari

Indo-Persian Kalamkari


125 x 93 cm


This Indo Persian Kalamkari dates to the second half of the 19th century.

Like the small Kalamkari on this website (see ), it follows the format of an architectural structure around a field ending in a mihrab. The field on a red ground is decorated with rows of botehs facing to the right and then to the left in alternating rows. And like the small Kalamkari, so this, too, has two peacocks facing each other and flanking the mihrab. They are placed on a light blue ground filled with a profusion of sweet small flower heads which are connected by delicate vines.

A cartouche with calligraphy is set in the top of the structure above the centre of the mihrab.

The designs are created by painting and block printing the fine cotton. The chintzed cotton textile has a silk binding in a pale indigo blue and a cotton backing with an all over floral print (see additional image).

It is slightly stained but is otherwise in very good condition.