Central Asian Ikat of the 19th Century

30/9 – 21/10

Verdure Tapestry


Verdure Tapestry


273 x 147 cm / 9'x 4'9''


This verdure tapestry is a decorative example of French provincial work and dates to the 18th century.

It features the elements typical of verdure tapestries, namely trees with rich foliage, flowers, a large mythological bird, water (either a pond or a river) and a group of buildings in the background which is usually marked by a high ratio of light colours. These are often worked in silk or part silk to highlight a more distant centre of the image. The foreground and sides are predominantly in shades of blue and green – hence the term applied to this type of wall hangings.

It is worked in wool and silk. The tapestry weave is relatively coarse, which doesn’t take away from the rustic charm of the textile.

The border is original, as is the smaller than usual size which is relatively easy to accommodate in any interior. For a comparable, but larger non provincial piece, the type of which might well have served as a template for this provincial work, see the archive on this website, at  https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/18th-century-verdure-tapestry-panel/.

The tapestry is backed with linen and has some old repairs in keeping with age, but is over all in good condition.