Small Indo-Persian Kalamkari

Small Indo-Persian Kalamkari


88 x 50 cm


This Indo-Persian Kalamkari is of a highly unusual small size.

Like  two other Kalamkaris from our archive ( see   and ), it was made in the 19th century by painting and block printing a fine cotton cloth. (The term Kalamkari is derived from the word kalam, meaning pen.)  The design follows the same classic format of an architectural structure around a field pattern ending in a mihrab. The mihrab is surrounded in the corners by a pair of beautiful, opposing birds, most likely peacocks, each facing away from the centre. They are surrounded by a profusion of small flowers on a delicate blue ground.

A repeat of small and larger botehs decorates the field on a red ground.

The textile is made of chintzed cotton. It is hemmed in with light blue silk and has a fine, printed cotton backing.

The Kalamkari is in excellent condition.