CADA FAIR at Compton Verney

We will be exhibiting at Compton Verney with the Cotswold Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association from 14 – 17 October

The gallery will be closed for the duration of the fair

Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Coat


Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Coat


160 cm W (sleeves), 138 cm H (back)


This antique Uzbek silk ikat coat with its high-impact graphics dates to around 1900.

It is a warp faced weave, with the warp worked in silk and the (invisible) weft in cotton. It has the same design and is from the same area as the trousers on this website, see

They were both tailored to make full use of the loom widths of ikat material, avoiding bias cutting the silk as much as possible in order to minimize waste. This was seen as essential as the production of this fine cloth was extremely costly and only affordable to the wealthy.

The coat is lined with Russian printed cotton and hemmed in with silk braiding and a purple silk ikat on the inside.

It is lightly quilted and in excellent condition.