Flemish Tapestry Fragment

Flemish Tapestry Fragment


201 x 51 cm


Beautiful Flemish tapestry fragment dating to about 1600.

A cartouche of a couple going for a stroll in the countryside, accompanied by a playing dog, forms the main part of the top half. Two buildings in the background, a bird and a number of trees complete the idyllic scene. The cartouche is topped by a decorative arrangement of flowers in a vase. The bottom half of the fragmentary panel is again a display of flowers in a vase and below it a human figure carrying a plant ( possibly a leek).

This panel is almost certainly from the same tapestry as the another fragment on this website, see http://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/flemish-tapestry-fragment/

Tapestry weave in wool and silk, some repairs.

The border is hand woven contemporary galon.