Japanese Meiji Silk Embroidery

Japanese Meiji Silk Embroidery


85 x 85 cm


This Japanese Meiji silk embroidery of a tiger dates to around 1900.

It is worked in a variety of stitches. with long stitch and short stitch used for the body of the tiger creating a sense of three dimensionality. The stitching for the reeds and the trees is coarsely laid on in marked contrast to the fineness of the tiger in the centre.

Tigers were a popular motif in Japanese art, even though they are not native to the country and were often copied from, or at least inspired by, Chinese paintings (for another example of the subject matter  from our archive, see also https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/pair-of-japanese-silk-embroidered-tigers-meiji-period/ ).  They were seen as symbolising strength and courage.

The embroidery in hand is signed in the bottom right-hand corner. It is surrounded by a silk brocade functioning as a passepartout which has some damage on the right-hand edge. It is backed with a beautiful green and gold silk brocade.