Tekke Turkoman Silk Boçe (Pouch)

Tekke Turkoman Silk Boçe (Pouch)


23 cm wide


Tekke Turkoman silk boçe dating to the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. These pouches were used to hold small personal belongings and/or valuables.

Very fine embroidery in red, yellow, white and blue silk on hand woven silk, depicting highly stylised plant patterns and tulips. Original cotton lining.

For an article on these and other examples of Turkoman needlework see Snejana Atanova’s discussion of the Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf collection, “Life and Sacrality”, in Hali 200, Summer 2019 issue,   pages 146 to 151.

The boçe measures 23 cm in width.

The embroidery is in excellent condition, with slight signs of use in the ground material