Greek Metsovo Bed Cover

Greek Metsovo Bed Cover


209 x 179 cm


This textile was made in Metsovo in northern Greece at around 1900. Judging from the size, it was most likely used as a bed cover.

Metsovite textiles were made in an interlocking tapestry weave in wool on a horizontal loom, which was commonly employed by the Metsovite weavers, producing panels of about 50 to 60 cm width  (see for some research into this area  “Textiles of the Vlachs of Metsovo”  by Catherine Van Steen & Eleni Lykiardopoulos, published in HALI, Issue 63, June 1992, pp. 90 – 95).  These narrow panels were then assembled to form functional as well as decorative textiles for the home, much like Jajims from various weaving areas of Iran (for examples on our website, see or In the case of the textile in hand, the three panels are about 59.5 cm wide, so within the range described in the above mentioned article.

The colour scheme with a predominance of a dark blue, almost black ground includes green, red, yellow, light blue and white, giving it a somewhat more cheerful appearance than slightly earlier textiles. The blue is an indigo dye, but some chemical dyes, which were introduced in the late 19th century, have been used.

This is an unusual and rare textile