Antique Persian Qashqai Kelim

Antique Persian Qashqai Kelim


260 x 150 cm excl. fringe


This antique Persian Qashqai kelim dates to around 1900.

It is a highly decorative flat weave from the southwest of the country. The field design is very simple: three lozenges are arranged along a central vertical line, with the central medallion on an off-white ground flanked by two further medallions on a black ground. They are sparsely decorated with eight-hooked motifs around a central hexagon. Four smaller geometric patterns adorn the otherwise empty spaces between the lozenges, which are set on a plain red ground.

Multicoloured and patterned diagonal lines surround the field in an inner border.. The main, outer,  border on a soft, mustard yellow ground is defined by a chain of hexagons which are filled with a grid of four diamonds. This element echoes the four hexagons in the field.

A sequence of minor borders in  reciprocal and zigzag designs completes the edges of the kelim, with three lines of chevrons forming the end finishes at the top and bottom ends.

Kelims of such simplicity are highly sought after for their bold decorative qualities (for another example from our archive, with a very similar border arrangement, see ).

The kelim is worked in naturally dyed wool in  slit weave and interlocking  tapestry weave.

It is in excellent condition.