Small Tekke Turkoman Rug

Small Tekke Turkoman Rug


120 x 115 cm


This small Tekke Turkoman rug was made near the end of the nineteenth century by a member of the Tekke tribe.

The size and format are the same as in a wedding rug, so called because they were made, usually by a young bride-to-be, for the bride to sit on during the wedding ceremony. However, the rugs of this size from the end of the nineteenth century were mostly made for commercial purposes rather than as  dowry pieces to be kept in the family, as was the case with earlier pieces.

The field design of three columns of six guls is entirely traditional. The guls are connected by a grid of lines, and secondary guls fill the spaces. A sequence of one major border flanked by two minor borders enclosing the field is also in keeping with tradition. The elems at both the top and bottom ends complete the format passed down through countless generations.

The wool is of excellent, soft quality, and the colours are all naturally dyed.

The rug has a lovely patina and is in excellent condition.