Antique Silk Heriz Rug

Antique Silk Heriz Rug


190 x 140 cm


This antique silk Heriz rug dates to the late 19th century.

Its all over design on an off-white ground is a repeat of five rows of dark red tendrils in the shape of arabesques around flowers, with four rows of three light green flower heads around a red centre in the spaces between these elements. Two floral meandering borders on a dark red ground flank the main border on a light green ground which is filled with flower headsĀ  that echo the shapes in the field. The colour scheme is fairly subdued and subtle, with only a few exceptions where the green is abrashed into a stronger blue. This subtlety, in combination with the quality of the silk and of the accomplished weave, make for an extremely elegant carpet.

The handle of this finely woven silk rug is supple and soft, and it feels almost like velvet.

This is an exceptional example of fine village weaving from the northwestern part of Iran.

It is in excellent condition