Central Asian Ikat of the 19th Century

30/9 – 21/10

Persian Qashqai Kelim


Persian Qashqai Kelim


250 x 160 cm


This southwest Persian Qashqai kelim dates to around 1900.

The kelim, or gelim, has a field design of diagonal rows mostly of eight-pointed shapes with a hooked interior. Individual tufts of wool have been distributed randomly for added decoration. A sequence of several borders with a geometrical design encloses the field on a sweet, madder red ground. Stepped diamonds and zig-zag lines are the predominant design feature in the borders. The bottom and top ends are formed by three bands of two coloured diagonals, separated by straight lines.

The colours are all naturally dyed, with a very soft palette of reds, blues, greens and yellows as well as undyed off-white.

The kelim is worked as an interlocking tapestry weave in wool on a woolen warp, with the warps plaited at both ends.

It is in excellent condition.