Antique Persian Mahal Carpet

Antique Persian Mahal Carpet


403 x 311 cm


This antique Persian Mahal carpet dates to the late 19th century.

It has a very desirable all over design of generously spaced lozenges arranged in a reciprocal manner: the white-ground diamonds are curved inwards, the red-ground elements between the diamonds are curved outwards. Each of these design elements is filled with a pair of opposing floral shrubs along a central vertical line. In the case of the white diamonds, the shrubs face inwards towards the centre, in the case of the red curved sections, the shrubs face in the opposite direction, outwards away from the centre (see additional images).

The main border on a dark blue ground is decorated with a chain of large flower heads with small tendrils protruding into the border. It is flanked by multiple minor borders with  reciprocal geometric and meandering floral designs.

This is a highly decorative carpet in a good size, like another Mahal carpet with an all over design on this website (see  ).

The colours are warm and fairly gentle, they are all derived from natural dye stuffs. The carpet is in excellent condition.