Qashqai Kelim

Qashqai Kelim


252 x 152 cm excl. fringes


This Qashqai kelim comes from the Fars region in the southwestern part of Iran.

Its field design is the classic vertical line of interconnecting diamonds, five in this case, with half diamonds protruding into the field from the sides to complete a grid of geometric, mostly  triangular shapes. The main border in red is accentuated by concentric hooked triangles pointing inwards. It is flanked by multiple zigzag lines in the subtle colours of the field. A blue and white reciprocal border forms the outermost border, which is finished off by a sequence of chevrons and zigzags at the bottom and top ends.

The colour scheme is characterised by primary and secondary reds and blues, a pale green and yellow and white. The kelim is worked in wool, with different colour warps: the use of alternate dark brown and white wool warps creates a slightly different texture to the weave and leads to a degree of visual vertical “banding”, which is very unusual in a kelim of this type.

The weave, unusually, is a mix of slit and interlocking tapestry, and is very fine for this kind of kelim.

It is in very good condition, and due to the simplicity and clarity of design and the soft colour scheme, it provides a touch of modernity and is a highly decorative attribute in any interior.

For illustrations of this type, albeit with a reduced number of double and triple lozenges, see Parviz Tanavoli’s publication entitled Persian Flatweaves. A Survey of Flatwoven Floor Covers and Hangings and Royal Masnads. Woodbridge, Antique Collectors’ Club, 2002, pages 184 and 185. Tanavoli points out that this group of Qashqai kelims has “a special unity of appearance” (op.cit., p. 184). Another example of a double lozenge Qashqai kelim is in our archive on this website (see ).