Persian Karadja Rug

Persian Karadja Rug


197 x 156 cm


This Persian Karadja rug was made by a village weaver in Persian Azerbaijan.

It has some characteristics which stand out and make it a very successful rendition of a well known design, above all the unusually wide main border on a soft red ground. It is decorated with alternating single flower heads with a white leaf on the outside and light blue, outward facing sprigs with a multitude of small flowers.

The dark blue field displays the classic three medallion design, with two eight-pointed medallions at the top and bottom flanking a white hooked medallion in the centre. The colour scheme of the eight-pointed elements is particularly attractive: white inward facing hooks reach into a ground the colour of a slightly turquoise green. The remainder of the field is decorated with flowers, stars and geometric motifs.

The fact that this village rug has a wool foundation points to a relatively early date, possibly into the 19th century.

The rug is in excellent condition, with one small repair, and the quality of the wool is soft and silky.

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