Persian Heriz Carpet

Persian Heriz Carpet


362 x 272 cm


This antique northwest Persian Heriz carpet dates to the end of the 19th century.

It is a carpet in exceptional condition and has a great range and intensity of colours, all derived from natural dye stuffs.

The central eight pointed medallion is set on a deep red ground. It ends in a fan shaped flower head at the bottom and top ends and is filled with a four lobed motif, which, in turn, is filled with plant designs emanating from the eight lobed flower head in the centre of the whole arrangement. The spandrels are dominated by shades of an electric blue, with a beautiful light green in the very corners of the field. It is mainly the lightness of the spandrels that gives the carpet a visual lift.

The plant motifs decorating the whole field as well as the main border on a dark blue ground are typical of Heriz carpets, but the generous scale of this carpet makes this a more elegant version of a known design.

This is a beautiful decorative furnishing carpet in great condition and full pile.

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