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Caucasian Karagashli Rug


Caucasian Karagashli Rug


181 x 113 cm


This Caucasian Karagashli rug dates to the latter part of the 19th century and comes from the north eastern regionĀ  of Azerbaijan.

Three rows of doubleĀ  Karagashli medallions dominate the field. The medallions in a terracotta red are set on a light blue ground. They are square and rectangular in shape and contain a light blue eight pointed flower which is almost the form of a diamond. Four eight pointed white ornaments reminiscent of snowflakes form the central axis in the spaces between the medallions. Each of them is flanked by a pair of rectangular structures which look like highly stylized dragons holding as well as standing on a cross. It is open to speculation whether one sees in this a reference to Armenian weavers or, indeed, a sword or even a shield as an instrument of protection. A row of four animals, which are all facing towards the right, decorates the top end of the field.

The colour scheme of this very finely woven rug is unusual: soft, almost pastel, hues of light blue and terracotta red and a very pale yellow in the main border plus white are the main sources of colour. The often so called “calyx and leaves” pattern in the main border follows the same colour scheme, as does the chain of flower heads on the red ground of the secondary border. They are both enclosed by a series of narrow borders with a diagonal stripe motif. The general effect of the design is one of geometric angularity and great clarity, a feature which has always been part of the appeal of Caucasian village rugs.

The rug is woven in wool on a wool foundation, with a dark brown weft. It is over all in very good condition, with only a few very minor repairs.

Original Harvey Nichols Ltd. label to the back.