Mianeh Jajim

Mianeh Jajim


191 x 180 cm


This Mianeh Jajim comes from the Persian province of East Azerbaijan.

Unusually for this type of flat weave, it is made from cotton which was  locally produced in this part of Iran. Like the jajims from the rest of the country where wool was the raw material available and therefore used, it is woven in narrow strips. In this case, the loom width is around 26 cm. Seven panels have been assembled, with a visible seam, to create this simple cover. The exclusive use of  only two colours, white and indigo dyed blue cotton, and the fact that the design is a repeat of vertical stripe patterns are both responsible for the minimalist, almost contemporary look of this weaving.

For other jajims, but made of wool, see for instance  https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/shah-savan-jajim/on the tribal page of this website. There is also a discussion of some of the uses these flat weaves were put to (see https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/sangsar-mazandaran-jajim/).

The jajim is in excellent condition and a rare find.