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Art Deco “Zebra” Rug

Art Deco “Zebra” Rug

reference:  i1431

This Art Deco rug with a “zebra” design is an absolute classic with its elegantly swerving, tapering black lines on an off-white background and its rounded corners.

It was, at some point, associated with the architect Oliver Hill, but we can find no evidence to support this.

It was made in China, probably Tientsin. The wool pile is of a silky feel and beautifully patinated. It is woven on a cotton foundation.

The rug is in perfect condition.

It is closely linked to another, slightly smaller, Art Deco rug on this website (see  http://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/art-deco-rug-with-a-zebra-design/  ),and it is quite rare to have two examples of this type.


206 x 120 cm