Antique Persian Balouch Rug

Antique Persian Balouch Rug


173 97 cm


This antique Persian Balouch rug dates to the early 20th century. It was woven in the northeastern province of Khorasan.

Three octagons form the central axis of the field. They are in the style of Turkoman guls, albeit in a hybrid form, with the turreted outlines and the quartered centres. This overlap in patterns is not surprising given the geographical proximity of Turkoman peoples.

The colour palette is typical of rugs from this area: a deep brown, a warm red and dark blue, plus undyed white, which, with the addition of a strong orange , provides highlights that lift the all over impression of the otherwise rather sombre colour scheme.

The rug is in very good condition, with very soft wool, which is slightly corroded in the darker browns.

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