Antique Balouch Rug

Antique Balouch Rug


223 x 108 cm


This antique Balouch rug dates to around 1900 and was made in the northeast Persian region of the country.

Its field design is a traditional lattice of hexagons, which are arranged in diagonal rows of elements on alternating brown and red grounds. All of them have a white flower in the centre. Two minor meandering borders flank the unusual main border. The latter is a sequence of squares separated by rectangles which are decorated by a chain of diamonds. The squares are the unusual elements: concentric downward facing triangles reminiscent of the depiction of amulets are central to seven-pointed half stars with the points ending in hooks. The top of this arrangement is defined by a row of combs, mostly six in number. Because the squares are set on a white ground alternating with those on a red ground, the visual effect means that the otherwise very subdued and restricted colour scheme of dark terracotta reds, browns and blues is lightened and accentuated.

There is marked abrash in the field, with a higher proportion of dark blue in the top third of the field. The brown is partially corroded in keeping with age.

Over all the rug is in very good condition with the original sides intact, and it has still retained the kelim ends. It is woven in wool on a wool foundation with a dark brown weft.