Persian Varamin Carpet

Persian Varamin Carpet


289 x 214 cm


This Persian Varamin carpet dates to around 1900. It was made in a village in the Varamin plain to the south of Tehran.

The field is a dark blue ground which is nicely abrashed into various shades of blue. It is decorated with a very sweet so called  Mina Khani design of large flower heads connected by tendrils in a dark, almost aubergine colour and a light orange outline, the latter also a major colour in the flower heads. These tendrils form a grid of alternating rows of large and smaller diamonds around a large flower head. The larger elements contain a set of four white small flower heads marking the corners.

The main border with star filled hexagons is in the dark shades of blue and aubergine found in the ground of the field. It is flanked by two meandering borders on a white ground echoing the sweetness of the flowers in the Mina Khani design.

The carpet is roughly in the desirable “9 x 7 ” size, so of fairly square proportions. It is in very good condition, with soft wool of great quality.

This is an elegant, understated  carpet.