Persian Kerman Kelleh

Persian Kerman Kelleh


550 x 214 cm


This Persian Kerman Kelleh, or long carpet, dates to the late 19th century.

It was woven in a workshop in this south-central Persian city, one of the major centres of weaving as early as in the late Safavid period. Carpet weaving remained strong in Kerman throughout the 19th century.

The Kelleh depicts a classic vase carpet design featuring an abundance of floral arrangements in vases as well as cypress trees.

The colour scheme is unusual and fairly restricted: various shades of pink from very light to a dark pink-red, orange-brown and white are set on a light blue ground, which is the stand-out characteristic of this carpet. All colours are derived from natural dye stuffs. The restriction in the colours cleverly tones down the design, which could otherwise be seen as quite busy. It produces the effect of an elegant drawing room or very large hall carpet in a difficult to find size.

It is an impressive carpet in excellent condition, with original sides and ends.

Wool on a cotton foundation.