Bakhtiari Jajim (Flat Weave)

Bakhtiari Jajim (Flat Weave)


253 x 240 cm


This Bakhtiari jajim is a flat weave made in Chahâr Mahal in the southwestern part of Iran.

Jajims are woven in most of the major weaving areas of the country, but in many years of travelling and collecting these wonderful village weaves, we have not come across any others from this area.

Like all jajims, the piece in hand is woven in a narrow loom width, in this case of about 33 cm. The woman who made this would have worked on a floor loom to produce a strip of great length, which required considerable weaving skills. Once completed, this length of material would have been cut to the required length and several pieces assembled to form the complete jajim. The seams along the selvages are always visible and often form a design feature in the whole piece.

The simplicity in the design of the stripes and above all the saturation of the wonderful colours, all based on natural dye stuffs, make this a rare and impressive work of art.