Pair of Persian Qum Rugs

Pair of Persian Qum Rugs

7096 & 7097

225 x 140 cm & 215 x 142 cm


This pair of Persian Qum rugs are a rare find.

Highly decorative, the field design of four columns of diamonds is set on a background of finely drawn red arabesques. The diamonds themselves are filled with alternate pink-blue and light blue flower arrangements, which are mostly woven in silk. Elegantly shaped elongated birds form the outlines of the diamonds. The same birds, but in a different colour scheme of pale pinks, create the chain of diamonds in the main border on a red ground. Enclosing the field and the main border are two blue and white borders with a regular, repetitive pattern of sweet florals.

Despite the intricacy of the patterns, the clarity of the visual structure, which is reminiscent of tiles, produces the effect of simple elegance. This is underlined by the fact thatĀ the rugs are executed in a very fine weave on a cotton foundation. The precision of the design would suggest that the rugs were woven after a cartoon, which would have been easily available even to a village weaver.

The sizes of both rugs are roughly those of a dozarĀ rug.

They are in pristine condition – an extremely decorative attribute to an elegant interior.