Central Asian Ikat of the 19th Century

30/9 – 21/10

Large Persian Heriz Carpet


Large Persian Heriz Carpet


385 x 316


This large Persian Heriz carpet  is a fine example of its type. It dates to about 1900.

The eight pointed central medallion is very large in scale, filling almost the entire field, which is a raspberry red in the top half and a warmer, slightly more terracotta red in the bottom half of the carpet – a nice example of abrash, or variation in colour. The lobes of this eight pointed medallion contain plant motifs on alternating red and dark blue backgrounds, overlaying the lobes in the diagonals of the two concentric inner lobes, which are defined in their outlines by an unusual brown, almost certainly undyed wool. This complex and rather elaborate arrangement gives the central motif a sense of three dimensionality.

The spandrels are the stars of this elegant carpet: held in very pale shades of mostly green, pink and off-white, they lift the effect of the whole carpet and give it a lightness often missing in Heriz carpets. They are separated from the field by a stepped line of light green.

The relative fineness of the weave contributes to the effect of light elegance. It is also the reason why these carpets are sometimes called “Serapi” carpets.

The main border is a classic rosette and leaf meander, with the elongated leaves forming an arch over each rosette and a pair of smaller rosettes forming the base of this arch. The minor borders are a meander of florals and of inward and outward facing triangles in pale green and pink.

This decorative carpet of a good, slightly squarish size, is in very good condition.