Antique Ukrainian Kelim

Antique Ukrainian Kelim


278 x 184 cm


This antique Ukrainian Kelim dates to the latter part of the nineteenth century.

Kelims of this type are frequently called “Bessarabian”, which is, strictly speaking, not correct since Bessarabia is a region in Moldova, so lies to the west of Ukraine. In fact, the kelim in hand was most likely made in the Poltava region of eastern Ukraine.

Its field design of eight flowering shrubs on a dark brown, almost black ground is simple but varied: no one shrub is identical to any of the others, though they are similar in their composition. The colour scheme of dark red, very pale pinks, and shades of dark and pale blue as well as green is repeated in the border on a very pale green ground. The flower heads in the border are larger versions of those on the shrubs in the field.

This kelim is an unusually fine interlocking tapestry weave for its type. It is in excellent, original condition.