Kurdish Village Rug

Kurdish Village Rug


194 x 130 cm


This Kurdish village rug, possibly a Koliya’i, dates to the early 20th century.

A lattice of vertical hexagons with a green/yellow and a green/orange diamond in the centre decorates the field on a deep terracotta ground. The field itself is also in the shape of a hexagon and is enclosed by green spandrels and a green minor border on the sides – dark green at the top and light green at the bottom end. A sequence of three borders frames the rug: the main border on a terracotta coloured ground has a meandering leaf design. Inside it is a reciprocal border with a dark red as the main colour. On the outside is a border on a dark blue ground with individual trefoil flower heads separated by triangles. A guard stripe with a chain of crosses completes the picture.

The rug has a very heavy handle and quite a coarse weave. This  and the depth of the strong colours make this rug a very good example of Kurdish village weaving.

Wool on a cotton foundation, excellent condition.