Kurdish Sauj Bulaq Rug

Kurdish Sauj Bulaq Rug


203 x 120 cm


This Persian Kurdish Sauj Bulaq rug dates to the second half of the 19th century.

Woven in wool on a wool foundation, with a brown weft, it depicts a version of the so-called Herati design. Numerous rosettes and, in the brown sections, palmettes are connected by an incomplete grid of forked leaves and the remnants of leaves. The ground colour of the field goes from a saturated mid brown abrashed to a dark brown; it is interrupted by two bands of an indigo dyed blue ground. A chain of octagons separated by one and four designs decorates the main border, which is flanked by two minor borders on a light ground with a simple geometric design. On the sides, the latter is characterized a sequence of V designs alternating with pointed motifs reminiscent of hour glasses.

The range and depth of the colours in combination with the wonderful quality of the wool are a characteristic often found in good Kurdish rugs of this age.

The rug has a soft handle but with good weight. It is over all in very good condition, with some corrosion in the brown in keeping with age. The ends are rewoven.