Early Tekke Turkoman Juval

Early Tekke Turkoman Juval


80 x 122 cm


This early Tekke Turkoman juval, or chuval, dates to the first half of the 19th century.

Like another,  albeit later, Tekke juval on this website (see https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/tekke-turkoman-juval/), it has a field design of six Salor guls and two complete and ten partial Tekke guls as secondary elements. The top border is decorated with a row of relatively large, highly stylized plants, the large border at the bottom of this bag is formed by diagonal rows of alternating light blue and dark blue flowers. The simplicity of the border designs is an important indicator placing this juval in the early part of the nineteenth century and therefore a generation earlier than the above mentioned other Tekke juval.

It is very finely woven in wool on a wool foundation, with an asymmetrical knot open to the right. The texture of the bag is almost as fine as paper. The larger size of the guls and the lighter drawing of the quartered centres, especially in the elegant white, as well as the larger over all depth of this juval create more space and therefore simplicity in the field, all aspects pointing towards an earlier date.

The ground colour of the field is a very soft, almost terracotta red.

Unfortunately, this juval has had a hard life, with damage to the sides and some loss to the top end.  However, it still has great presence and is a genuine collector’s piece.