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Fine Late 19th-century Tekke Turkoman Rug

Fine Late 19th-century Tekke Turkoman Rug


193 x 105 cm


This is an exceptionally fine Tekke Turkoman rug dating to the late 19th century. It is an example of virtuoso Tekke weaving.

The traditional field design, in this case three columns of ten guls which are connected by a grid of straight lines, is beautifully executed, as are the secondary elements filling in the gaps between the primary guls. Two shades of red, including the main ground colour, are based on a dye derived from the madder root, two further shades of red, both in the main guls, are insect dyes.

The rug is in great condition, with both the bottom and top elems in place, and it has retained the original kelim ends as well as the brocading.

The superb quality of the wool and the extremely fine weave make for a wonderful, velvet-like handle.

Silky, beautifully patinated wool pile on a wool foundation, excellent condition

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