Ersari Juval


Ersari Juval


106 x 141 cm


This venerable Ersari Juval dates to the second half of the 19th century.

Bags of this relatively large size are called Juvals (or Chuvals).

The piece in hand is slightly more square than most Juvals. It has a lovely range of colours, including a warm orange and an unfaded green, which is always a desirable characteristic and indicative of good age.  The field is an all over design of dyrnak guls set within a series of three borders: two minor borders with a small geometrical design highlighted in white flank the main border, which is a beautiful meander of curled leaves. The simplicity of the curled leaf border is another indicator of a fairly early age.

A good section of the original kelim back with a line of brocading is still retained at the top end. Selvedges are present at both ends.

The Juval has areas of low pile and two very small holes but is otherwise in good condition.

This is a good example of Turkoman tribal weaving.