Early Ersari Main Carpet


Early Ersari Main Carpet


208 x 214 cm / 6'10''x 7'


This early Ersari main carpet dates to the first half of the nineteenth century.

Like another carpet of this provenance from our archive (see https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/antique-ersari-carpet-3/), the squarish size is an indication of good age.

The field design consists of two columns of six large gulli guls which are all slightly different from each other. The secondary elements, too, vary: the guls in the central column are very much like a smaller, simpler  version of the main guls and are flanked by pairs of small and larger stars. On the outside of the two columns of guls is another column of smaller ones which are more simple yet again: they are quartered emblems in squarish proportions, with one flower in each quarter and no centre. They are either simple octagons or tend towards squares with rounded corners, or they are almost circular. Again, star shaped flower heads feature in the gaps. The design of the main border appears to have a similarity to one of the common Saryk border designs.

The main reason why this carpet stands out, however, is the quality and range of the colours and the randomness of the design. As mentioned above, no one gul is the same as another. Despite the large size of the main guls, there is plenty of empty space between the various elements, all set on the most fabulous, deep, warm rust red. All this comes together to create a really charming and characterful weaving of great originality.

The carpet is in good condition for its age, with only one small area of wear and two insignificant reweaves.