Bidjar Wagireh, or Ornak

Bidjar Wagireh, or Ornak


33 x 44 cm


This Bidjar Wagireh, or Ornak, dates to the first half of the 20th century.

Wagirehs are woven samplers made by village weavers to serve mainly two functions: either to act as a pattern sampler to show prospective customers the elements of design to be included in a complete carpet, which could then be ordered, or to be given to weavers as templates for a carpet being ordered by a dealer. Since the raw materials and the time requirement necessary for the weaving of a carpet were considerable, this was a much more efficient way both in terms of time, space and money to produce an example of what the weaver could or was expected to  create. The practice of weaving samplers extends to this day.

The Wagirehs usually feature all the major visual elements of a rug or carpet, so they contain at least one design idea for the field and a medallion if required, plus patterns for main and minor borders. In the piece in hand, the two large botehs form the major elements of a field design. The border on a pink ground at the bottom of the Wagireh is a suggestion for the main border, the element above this on the left is almost certainly another design for an alternative main border. Four patterns for minor borders follow on the left hand side of the weaving.

Because of their almost ‘patchworky’ appearance, they often have an idiosyncratic and rather artistic look.

They are an interesting field for collecting.

The Wagireh in hand is woven in wool on a cotton foundation and is in excellent condition.