Central Asian Ikat of the 19th Century

30/9 – 21/10

Antique Persian Tabriz Vase Carpet


Antique Persian Tabriz Vase Carpet


237 x 154 cm / 7'9''x 5'1''


Fine, late 19th century Tabriz vase carpet from the northwest of Iran in the prayer rug format.

The central vase with the flower arrangement is set on a white ground. It is surrounded by flowers, birds which are perched on a lattice of tree branches, and arabesques. At the root area of the vase is a pond with fish, which is flanked by two trees in either corner of the bottom of the field. A  dark red derived from cochineal,  an insect dye, marks out the mihrab at the top end of the carpet. The borders with their floral motifs are held in a delicate palette of pale, pastel colours.

Carpets from this area on a white ground are always sought after for their decorative qualities.

The Tabriz carpet is finely woven in wool on a cotton foundation and is in very good condition.