Antique Persian Kork Kashan Rug

Antique Persian Kork Kashan Rug


208 x 135 cm


This antique Persian so-called Kork Kashan rug dates to around 1900.

Kork Kashan rugs are always extremely finely woven and are made of the finest wool, so the term applied to this type of Kashan has come to be used as a mark of distinction.

In terms of design, the piece in hand has a central medallion typical of many workshop carpets made particularly in the central Persian cities of Kashan as well as Kerman throughout the 19th century. It is set on a dark blue ground, with inward curling arabesques around the edges. These arabesques are echoed in the spandrels which mark the corners around the field on a deep red ground. A multitude of flowers and swerving vines decorate the field, which is strongly abrashed in the top section, going from a deep red to a more terracotta type of brownish red. The main border on a dark blue ground is filled with a meander of vines, leaves and large individual flower heads alternately facing inwards and outwards.  It is flanked by two minor borders which are also decorated with a meander of vines around small flower heads set on a red ground. Both minor borders are, in turn, flanked by a very finely drawn reciprocal border.

This is a refined furnishing rug in what most Europeans perceive to be the “Persian” style, a real classic.

It is in excellent condition.