Antique Persian Isfahan Rug


Antique Persian Isfahan Rug


210 x 136 cm


This antique central Persian Isfahan rug dates to around 1900.

Its field design depicts a large, mainly red central medallion decorated with intertwining tendrils in shades of blue. The medallion is set on a white ground, which is embellished with a rich tapestry of tendrils, flowers and arabesques. The main border on a pale red, slightly pink  ground depicts a repeat of flower arrangements emanating from tufts of grass. Whilst the main part of the rug is typical of an Isfahan carpet, one of the minor borders is somewhat unusual: it contains a continuous chain of more geometrical elements in the manner of a rectangularly executed knot.

Such rugs were often made by village weavers who had purchased a cartoon from a specialist shop in the bazaar  giving them all the information they needed to weave the carpet. The result, as in the case in hand, was a weaving in the style of a workshop rug.

It has a wool pile on a cotton foundation and is in excellent condition, still retaining the original braiding on the ends.

Carpets and rugs of this provenance, especially those on a white ground, are sought-after decorative pieces for the more formal interior.