Antique Yomut Turkoman Main Carpet

Antique Yomut Turkoman Main Carpet


290 x 160 cm / 9'6''x 5'3''


Main carpet made by a member of the Yomut tribe in Turkmenistan around 1880. This Yomut main carpet has a dyrnak gul design and an unusually wide range of colours including two lovely shades of green. A regular lattice of octagons and diamonds fills the top and bottom elems. The sides and ends of the field are marked by half guls, with a quarter gul filling the corners.

A similar, but slightly wider, piece is in the Rickmers Collection, published in Pinner, Robert, The Rickmers Collection. Turkoman Rugs in the Ethnographic Museum Berlin. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preussischer Kulturbesitz, 1993, Plate 47, p.61.

Wool on a wool foundation, original Kelim ends, great quality of dyes, excellent condition