Short Persian Bidjar Runner


Short Persian Bidjar Runner


200 x 95 cm


This is the most charming short Persian Bidjar runner.

It is new but has all the attributes of the best of Kurdish weaving from Bidjar, notably great quality of wool and dyes, all derived from natural dye stuffs. The red, in particular, stands out with its saturated richness extracted from the madder root. All the other colours, including a strong green and a powerful yellow, bear witness to the fact that naturally dyeing wool has the potential of becoming better and better these days when undertaken by skillful and patient  craftspeople. The quality and great density of the weave, too, is fully in keeping with the age old tradition of the Bidjar weavers. This gives the rug a delightfully dense, yet supple texture.

The lady who made this rug was clearly an artist – her sense of spacing and the application of colour as well as her decision to place the major design elements off centre rather than down the middle betray an acute sense of the beautiful.

This is an exceptional piece.