Central Asian Ikat of the 19th Century

30/9 – 21/10

Mid-19th century Persian Kurdish Runner


Mid-19th century Persian Kurdish Runner


404 x 106 cm


This is an early Persian Kurdish runner dating to the middle of the nineteenth century.

The field is an all over design of individual flowers arranged in alternating diagonals of dark brown-red and off-white blossoms, all set on a soft, mustard coloured ground.

Enclosing the field is a sequence of borders: a chain of sweet, multi coloured flower heads on a dark brown ground, followed by the main border of diagonally quartered flower heads of almost square shape on a soft, terracotta-red ground. This is completed by a reciprocal border in off white and green on the outside. The colours in this runner are warm, beautifully balanced and fairly muted yet saturated. This creates the effect of elegant sophistication.

The quality of the wool as well as the dyes is superb. The runner is woven in wool on a wool foundation and is in very good condition, with only minor repairs which have been skillfully executed.