Kirman Robson Raved by Jan Kath

Kirman Robson Raved by Jan Kath


300 x 250 cm


The Kirman Robson Raved is another elegant carpet by leading contemporary carpet designer Jan Kath. It is part of the Erased Classic Series and is woven in wool and silk.

The colour scheme is very subtle: a subued pale blue for the ground colour, a muted red and off white, slightly grey hue for the pattern constitute the “classic” part  (the Kirman) of the carpet, complete with the central anchor medallion.  This traditional design is subverted with off white silk in the “Raved” style, which is one of the trademark design elements that Jan Kath has become famous for.

In itself this constitutes a modern classic in its own right,  a true child of the twenty-first century.

It looks great in a contemporary interior but also works well with a more conservative decor.

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