Kalardasht Tache, Pair

Kalardasht Tache, Pair


3'8''x 3'4''/ 3'9''x 3'4''


This Kelardasht tache is one of a pair of bags dating to the early 20th century. Spread out they measure 113 x 100 cm and 110 x 103 cm respectively.

Made in northern Iran, the taches were intended to be sacks to contain loose objects such as grain. They were woven in wool in a mixed technique of kelim and brocading for the flat weaves and pile. They could be sewn together either along the long and one short side to form a tall, narrow sack or along the two short sides to form a shallow, wide bag. The carrying handles for either arrangement are still intact. There are also additional flat woven segments on the back of the handles for extra strength (see additional image of the back).

Like the Bakhtiari khorjin on our website (https://www.christopherleggeorientalcarpets.com/products/view/bakhtiari-khorjin/ ), this pair of bags illustrates how tribal and village weavers managed to transform even the most simple objects of use into works of beauty.

The taches are worked in wool on a wool foundation, with all the wool coloured with natural dyes or undyed. They are in excellent condition and of interest to a collector of tribal and village weaving.

£850 each