Early Persian Kurdish Bidjar Rug

Early Persian Kurdish Bidjar Rug


230 x 137 cm / 7'7''x 4'6''


This Kurdish Bidjar rug dates to the middle of the nineteenth century. The dark blue anchor medallion on the plain camel ground is elegant in its asymmetry and sparsely decorated with bold floral and abstract motifs in powerful colours, arranged around a central flower. The main border on a soft red ground, again, has a fairly simple design with its restricted colour palette and the generously spaced flower-and-leaf pattern.   It is flanked by two minor borders with meandering flower heads. In the spandrels you have a repeat of the colour scheme and the motifs of the central medallion. The overall effect of these arrangements is one of powerful simplicity. This is a rug with great presence.

Wool and camel hair on a wool foundation. Overall very good condition